A Bit About Us 

Professional Websites Developers

Do you have an idea for a website or app, but lack the skills to make it happen? We can bring your vision to life through a wide range of web development services. We’ve provided clients with the tools and skills they need to overcome their online challenges. From initial concept to the final result, we provide personalized attention and guidance throughout the whole process. As an industry-leading Website Developer, we have the experience and track record to help you succeed in today’s digital age.

"My name is Simona and I am a web and mobile developer. There was a pleasure for me to play with what I've got to get the target done. I formed a young team. I am a young leader too but that's not going to stop us doing our job. 

The fact that we are young is just one advantage because it allows to envision a bright future website identity.

Giving the fact that we can coupling easier with the current web and design development trends, I started all of this because we are a team that actually loves what is doing and therefore we transformed a basic site in one that fits better what visitors are looking for and so the engines.

I created a way but for making steps I have my team. Thank you!"

Simona N.

Manager & Web Developer

Miruna M.

Web & Graphic Designer

I am Miruna and I am your Web Designer. I am tremendously passionate about various branches

of Design. 

You can view my expertise as a triangle. The base of my experience is Frontend Development. We are talking about a certificate in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. 

My creative mindset and psychological affinities helped me to self-develop towards UI/UX Design.These skills contribute to developing an intuitive,multifaceted and creative website, every time I engage myself in a new project. This one is the trunk of my triangle. I complete the web development and design triangle, using some graphic design.


I use Photoshop and Illustrator to build Logos, Infographics, Banners, Ads and other graphic elements. In college and on the work field I’ve gathered experience in digital drawing, photo editing, marketing, and copy-writing, and these capacities come in handy quite often.I take pride in my attention to detail and carefully matured visual assets, my ultimate goal being both my client’s and my personal satisfaction. 

Looking forward to taking your idea to its fruition. 

Dani P.

SEO & Marketing Specialist